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The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, before its blood baptism, looks like a low grade Big-Eared Rabbit. It was a furry fluffball, and only about the size of one’s palm. It looked just like a little rabbit, only that it’s ears were very long, and rounded at the tips, unlike the pointy ends of a normal rabbit. After baptismal, its snow-white fur would change into a blood red coat of fur.


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The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, although it looks very much alike to the big eared rabbit, are completely different in essence. When very young, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit is exactly like the big eared rabbit, and only after undergoing baptism through blood will its innate abilities be awakened. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit is a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that lives through blood. A young Sacrificial Blood Rabbits would usually be led by adult Sacrificial Blood Rabbits. Before its innate abilities awaken, its parents would always protect their young to ensure their safety and accidents like this seldom occurred. But it was not known what had happened to this Sacrificial Blood Rabbit that caused it to be caught by humans when it was younger and kept as a big eared rabbit.



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Jun Wu Xie


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